Business Services

Interior Gardens offers professional services to accommodate the unique needs of your business.

Customize Your Work Space

If you are looking to add a touch of elegance and make your workplace more attractive, Interior Gardens offers services to accommodate the needs of your business.

How plants can benefit your business

Plants Can...

Studies have shown adding plants to a workspace can reduce perceived stress and decrease generalized health complaints. [1]

  • Help to reduce stress [2]
  • Help to increase productivity [3]
  • Help reduce sickness and absence rates [4]
  • Make workspaces more attractive to job applicants [4]
  • Clean the air [5]
  • Help to reduce noise levels [6]
  • Boost creativity [4]


We will meet with you at your space to discuss ideas and share our knowledge. We aim to empower you with the resources to make your vision become a reality.

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Professional Plant Care Service

Business Plant Care

Interior Gardens offers professional care services that include:

  • Delivery

    Our delivery service ...

    is hassle-free. Your plants will be in safe hands as we transport them directly to you.

  • Installation

    As we install...

    the plants in their new location, we will first set the plant with its grow pot to the depth of its container. We will then secure the walls of the grow pot to the walls of the container to prevent tipping. Finally, we will position and stage your plant to display it's best foot forward.

  • Re-Potting

    Although re-potting...

    a plant into new soil occurs very few times, it is crucial for keeping your plant healthy and thriving. Our trained Plant Technician will determine when your plant shows signs of needing fresh soil or a larger grow pot.

  • Replacement

    For us to guarantee...

    your plant is thriving and in good health, there may be circumstances that require our Plant Technician to come in and replace your plant. We determine when a replacement may occur based on various factors. Some of these factors include damaged foliage from fungus/pests, poor lighting or water conditions, and if your plant is overgrown for their space.

  • Watering

    Since plants are sensitive...

    to water conditions, it is critical to provide a precise watering schedule for your plant. We have trained our Plant Technicians to water accurately for its livelihood.

  • Fertilizing

    Fertilizing is an important...

    component in the appearance and health of your plant. Using the correct fertilizer at the right time can be tricky. We educate our technicians on fertilizing properly to keep your plants in optimum condition.

  • Pest/Fungi Inspection and Control

    Pests and fungus can...

    creep up on plants when unchecked and have the potential to kill your plant fast if untreated. We take the prevention of pests and fungus seriously. We use safe organic products that will not harm your plant but prevent and control pests and fungus.

  • Shining

    We want our customers...

    to love their beautiful plants at all times. We shine your plants with a natural oil frequently so that your plants are always looking their best.

  • Pruning

    Pruning is another...

    way we keep your plants looking spectacular. We use cleansed sheers to prune any dead foliage or overgrown areas of your plant.

  • Dusting

    As time goes on...

    dust will settle on the foliage. Included in our service, we frequently dust your plants to keep them looking fresh and lush.

Custom Design Services

Interior Gardens is proud to offer our Custom Design Services that match your unique vision. We will work with you achieve a functional and elegant workspace.

Picture of moss wall.