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Plant Services

Beautiful Plants, Flexible Services, and Excellent Plant Technicians.

Interior Gardens provides plant services for homes or businesses in the Michiana area. From re-potting to delivery, we can help.

Re-Potting Plant Hospital Funeral Plants Delivery Plant Drop-off


Plant feeling sad?

Bring your plants in at any time to be re-potted. If your plant is root-bound, needs fresh new soil, or has outgrown its current pot, we can help with that.

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Plant Hospital

Take it to the Plant hospital.

Rely on our knowledgeable plant technicians to get your plants healthy again. Bring in your plants to diagnose any disease or pests they may have. We will work with you to create a rehab plan that will get them looking vibrant once again.

Funeral Plants

We have the arrangements.

Lean on our caring staff to manage and coordinate the plant decorations of a funeral. We have the perfect selection of plants to celebrate a person's life. Give us a call or stop by to see how we can help.

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Hands holding monstera leaf.


Need it delivered? No problem.

Interior Gardens provides delivery services to transport your plants. We wrap, support, and protect the plants for transit, ensuring your plants arrive without a scratch.

Plant Drop-off

We will find a home

Have some plants you love but don't want to throw them out? Stop by our shop and drop them off. We will find them a good home.

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